What We Do

Make engineering a force multiplier in your organization

Software Engineering

Product Oriented Development (POD) Team is a specialized group within a larger organization that is dedicated to designing, developing, and delivering specific features or components of a product.


Technology resource management, specifically through staff augmentation, is a strategic approach that organizations use to enhance their technical capabilities by temporarily supplementing their internal teams with external experts.

Managed Services

Managed Services is an outsourcing model in which organizations delegate specific business functions or IT operations to third-party service providers.


A Data Management Team is a group of professionals responsible for overseeing and optimizing an organization's data assets throughout their lifecycle.

AI Apps And Interfaces
AI Solutions
Scalable AI And Data Architecture
High-Performance Infrastructure
Infrastructure Automation
Site Reliability Engineering
Cloud Strategy & Implementation
Cloud Management & Security
Cloud Platforms & Services
Low-code / Mobile Native / Software Development
Data Analytics & AI
New Product Development
DB Testing & Quality Engineering
Identity and Access Management
Network Security & SOC
Cyber Resilience
Endpoint Security
Security Strategy
Zero Trust

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Our Mission

We partner with our clients to imagine and build innovative technology solutions for the modern world

Our Vision

To provide software development, staffing and support to help unleash the potential of teams and technology, so you can design, plan, and launch meaningful change for your business

Partnering To Solve Business Challenges

Understanding and addressing customer challenges is at the heart of our differentiated approach. With a wealth of experience spanning various industries and countless projects, we've honed our ability to identify and tackle the most prevalent hurdles clients often face. Historically, there has been a constant dance with delivery challenges, where the timely shipping of products and services becomes a tango of uncertainty. Finding the right people with the right expertise feels akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, further compounding business frustrations.

From years of hands-on involvement, we've crystallized a unique methodology to address these challenges head-on through the Fractional Engineering Operating Model. This model is not just a product of successes; it's born from learning and evolving through missteps and obstacles encountered in the field. It's in our DNA. We sit down with you, deciphering the precise information that truly matters for your project while enabling future success through a tailored approach. Gone are the uncertainties and guesswork; together, we sculpt a clear path to imagine and build innovative technology solutions for the modern world.

Let's discover
What's possible

We help you create high-performing teams with the talent you need,
when you need it. We deliver a customized level of service based on your goals,
long-term vision, and company culture.


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Discovery Stories


Our customer was tasked with creating a successful program to provide workforce training and development for caregivers across the state of California and needed to rapidly deploy the solution.


By partnering with Discovery Partners on the requirements the production site was launched to 3 million subscribers in less than 6 months


Millions of caregivers in California can now access $100M in incentives to take courses that boost their skills and grow their careers.

$1.2M savings over Cell-Ed's original plan to execute the work


Who We Are

We provide boutique technology services across the full product life cycle to drive meaningful change for today's business challenges.

Established in 2021, we have enjoyed exponential growth due to our commitment to building strong relationships and working with leading organizations. We employ a large team of highly skilled product-oriented developers across three continents using modern practices that help us understand our clients and co-create valuable software.



Sagar Parikh

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sagar has 20+ years of IT & engineering experience leading teams and delivering transformational programs across a wide range of industries including banking, cable, entertainment and streaming. He leverages broad technical experience to create customer-focused solutions that reduce costs, increase productivity, and streamline delivery.


Ian White

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Ian is an experienced IT team leader, delivering transformation programs across a wide range of industries including education, commercial beverage, wireless communicatoin and managed services. Over the past 20+ years, he's leveraged broad technical experience to identify new ways to jumpstart productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.


Yash Dixit

General Manager - AI & Data Science

Yash Dixit is an accomplished leader in AI and Data Science, bringing over 18+ years of expertise to his role. Known for his transformative impact, Yash has harnessed AI/ML to boost advisor growth, revamped FinTech enterprise architectures, and led large-scale technology implementations for multiple prestigious Fortune 500 Companies.


Roshan Razik

General Manager for APAC & Australia

Roshan is a visionary leader in building and guiding cross functional technology teams towards operational excellence. Has a strong strategic mindset, consistently maximizing business performance through effective procedures. An expert with 22+ years of experience in managing tech operations, digital transformations and integrating major technologies and software applications.

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